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Pune and Kuala Lumpur are growing in strength – there are already over 120 people working at our Asian branches

The end of this year opened several occasions to celebrate. One of them was to exceed the magical number of 100 employees in September within our Asian branches. In the course of a few years we have been able to build teams of experienced specialists in Pune and Kuala Lumpur who serve clients all over the world. With our branches in Asia and Poland – we support more than 50 technologies and are able to operate 24/7/365.

Billennium, works globally and provides services in the follow-the-sun model. This requires specialists available in all time zones. We have been present on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market since 2016. During this period our subsidiaries from Kuala Lumpur and Pune have been growing steadily.

We opened a new, bigger office in Kuala Lumpur in December, where 150 people are able to work comfortably. The office was prepared in accordance with the company’s standard, taking into account modern and friendly space. APAC market is developing very dynamically from the point of view of new technologies and services. Many global companies have their headquarters there – these are important locations for us in the context of business opportunities.


Experienced and compatible teams

Access to experienced engineers is crucial for us because we want to grow at a rate that will allow us to maintain the highest quality of provided services. At Pune and Kuala Lumpur offices, we do not employ people who are starting their careers, but we are looking for specialists who already have extensive professional experience. Our Asia teams on unique competencies, including in technologies that are not available in Poland.

Our office in Pune is built on high competence, which is consistent with our business model – we employ specialized employees, at senior or even higher levels. The idea for India and Malaysia was to find such competences which are missing on the Polish and European market. Thanks to that one of the few world MuleSoft ambassadors works in our team in Pune.

Paweł Ćwieka Chief Delivery Officer, Billennium

However, technological competence is not everything. The success of the team also depends on a great atmosphere and understanding between individuals. We want our employees to enjoy their work and enjoy being together. That is why we put a lot of commitment at the recruitment stage and select candidates in such a way that they feel good in the company of other team members. It pays off – we can proudly claim a very low turnover rate.

Our recruitment is very accurate, and its effectiveness amounts to 3-4%. How came. Out of 100 people who enter the recruitment process, we select about 8-9 people following technical interviews, and in the end about 3-4 people start working with us. It is a lot of work for us to choose the right people, but this has one other side, our turnover level is very low, which means that our employees are satisfied – they have a good atmosphere, engaging projects and good employer care.

Mariusz Kura Regional Director – APAC, Billennium

Extensive competence

Working in an international team increases our technological competence. With such a large team – over 1000 Billennium employees across 3 continents – we have a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience. This fosters the development of our business model based on Competence Centers – specialized hubs that bring together experts who are improving in specific technology areas and mutually drive each other’s knowledge and unique competencies. Country borders or time zone diversity do not limit our capabilities. They broaden them!

When we work, we focus on what we do and work with the best professionals. Cultural differences are worth knowing and talking about over coffee, but they should not and for us do not affect what we do professionally. We draw from each other and inspire each other.

Mariusz Kura Regional Director – APAC, Billennium

Our employees regularly take part in international conferences and meetings devoted to technologies, sharing their knowledge and gathering new experience also outside the company. Our Malaysian and Polish team members regularly participate in industry meetings devoted to MuleSoft – ” MuleSoft Meetups”.

Of course, the beginnings were not easy. Organizational and legal issues – required a lot of commitment from the whole team. Now we remember the first recruitments with a sense of excitement in Pune – at the hotel we didn’t have an office available yet at the time, but the team was already in the making. Today we have offices in the most modern office buildings, with the best specialists on board.

This year has been difficult due to certain challenges, including the pandemic. However, it has not halted our development. Thanks to forward-looking planning, agile management, and the commitment of the entire Billennium team, we are ending this year with the planned development . Furthermore, we will soon be pleased to inform you about our new branch in Canada as well.

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