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App for a Heartbeat: We helped create the Reanimator App

With sudden cardiac arrest, the most crucial thing is reaction time. The faster the person needing help receives it, the better the chances of survival. But what can be done to streamline the process as much as possible and make first aid more accessible and more understandable for everyone? The answer is not simple, but creating easily accessible mobile apps is certainly a major driver to achieve it. Such apps are Reanimator and Reanimator Community, which our Billennium project team participated in creating and developing.

The Reanimator app helps with first aid

The Reanimator app helps the user provide first aid to the person with sudden cardiac arrest. It takes you through all the steps in detail, using voice and visual instructions, such as counting down the time while performing chest compressions. In addition, it leads you to the nearest AED – a portable defibrillator that you can take with you to the person you find in cardiac arrest. Such a device can be used by anyone – even an untrained person, as the device provides detailed instructions on how to proceed.

The sooner the AED is used, the greater the chance of survival. Providing assistance up to three minutes after cardiac arrest gives the best chance of survival. Each minute of delay reduces them by about 7-10%.

Map of points with AEDs

Reanimator Community allows the sharing of an up-to-date database of locations where AEDs can be found. As more and more of them become available, the app will enable users to complete a point not yet visible on the Reanimator map. Once verified by an authorized person, the address will appear in the Reanimator app – allowing people who need access to a portable defibrillator to reach it.

I had a dream a few years ago. A Paramedic is entering the world of IT. An application where you can add the location of an AEDs application that would guide the user through the emergency process and show the nearest AED. I thought it was simple, but it wasn't. I thought it would go quickly – it was 5 years... I thought a few people would be enough. In total, about 100 people were involved in the project.

Grzegorz Hołody Paramedic, Co-Founder of Reanimator App - Lean Medic Foundation

Who is behind this remarkable project?

The Reanimator and Reanimator Community apps are part of the First Responder (Pierwszy Ratownik) Program organized by the Main Board of the Polish Voluntary Fire Brigades Association in Poland (click HERE for more info). It was the people who provided first aid and saved lives daily, seeing where the process needed improvement, who decided it was time to act and use technology to save lives. They had the necessary medical knowledge, and Billennium had a wealth of technological experience. Thus, under the leadership of our sales partner executive, the analytical guidance of our consultants, and the execution of our IT experts, the Billennium project team was formed and could begin its work.

Managed Services to Save Lives

Working with the customer under our Managed Services model, participated in the update and production implementation of Reanimator and Reanimator Community applications. The team’s main tasks included recreating the infrastructure in Microsoft Azure based on the existing instance, updating most of the libraries, changing the graphics layer, or implementing the application on the latest versions of Android and iOS. This is only a part of the work done by our experts, and the result is electrifying – publicly available applications that, thanks to their functionalities, effectively help in the fight for human health and life.

The project team consists of:

  • .NET Architect
  • Azure Specialists
  • Azure Admin
  • iOS Developers
  • Android Developers
  • Delivery Manager
  • Sales Representatives

People Managers from Billennium for the local community

The theme of health, safety, and saving the lives of others also includes the initiative of a team of People Managers from Billennium. Their goal was to fund AED devices for the 58th Elementary School in Lublin and for a selected Volunteer Fire Department Unit. They also planned a first aid training course for teachers of the endowed school.

Install the Reanimator App, save lives

We are extremely proud of our experts, who are already contributing to the global share in developing technological innovations with their work. They go one step further and apply their experience and IT expertise to socially relevant, life-saving solutions.

Next time you’re scrolling down the app store, consider the impact that such a simple choice as installing apps can have. Perhaps by choosing Reanimator, you don’t just gain a helpful app – you become a lifeline for someone in need. And in a world that often seems disconnected, this is a powerful connection we can all cherish.

Download the apps:

Android: Reanimator and Reanimator Community

iOS: Reanimator and Reanimator Community

If you want to know more details about this unique project, be sure to read the success story.