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Do you need a dedicated solution for your business? At Billennium we understand that each organization has its own individual needs, so our IT solutions are tailored to the needs of each company.

Software dedicated to your company

Everything we create is consistent with our mission and vision and our values. We want to live in a world where technology brings joy and benefit to both our customers and ourselves. At the same time, we make sure that our products not only optimize business processes but also have a positive impact on the environment - that's why they all reduce the paper used by businesses.

Our IT solutions for business

Simplify your daily operations.

Managing a distributed sales network is quite a challenge! That is why Billennium created Paperless Retail - an IT solution that helps to optimize and standardize operational and marketing processes in sales networks. We speed up and facilitate communication from the headquarters through the region to the store and the other way round. Operational tasks, communication, marketing materials, all in one place. Transparent and accessible at any time.

  • Manage tasks in the shop.
  • Improve marketing communication in the sales network.
  • Make decisions based on the point of sale data in real-time.
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Remotely in person

Meet Inperly. It is a multichannel solution that facilitates communication between a company and its customers. It ensures the continuity of the sales and service process while improving the relationship between the customer and the supplier. At the same time, it uses videoconferencing, the most popular instant messengers (WhatsApp, Messenger) and physical kiosks. In a world where quality and time convenience of customer communication are crucial, our solution will serve your organization and respond to the needs of today's consumers.

  • Video communication and integration with Messenger and Whatsapp.
  • Video verification of identity.
  • Signing contracts remotely.
Meet Inperly

Fight chaos. Keep your paper under control.

We have created Paperless Office - a solution that not only helps to save paper in the company but also increases the efficiency of processes in all areas of the organization. With Paperless Office, you can eliminate process chaos and keep paper under control.

  • Improve your mailroom service and document workflow.
  • Optimize the process of accepting invoices.
  • Support sales and customer service through electronic document signing.
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