AWS capabilities allowed the client to manage patient data efficiently

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AWS capabilities allowed the client to manage patient data efficiently

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Our AWS solution experts created a platform that efficiently integrates various types of medical data, tools, and resources so that our client could promptly access integrated information about oncology patients to make rapid therapeutic decisions.

  • Customer profile

    One of the world’s top five pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, dedicated to driving transformational changes in critical areas of medicine.

  • The Goal

    The goal of our team was to create a platform on AWS that facilitates the collection, processing, and analysis of data, including laboratory results, histopathological data, imaging, and medical reports. Additionally, the solution was intended to enable the management of treatment protocols, providing updated care standards and clinical recommendations.

  • The Challenge

    The client needed an analytics platform to enable rapid access to integrated information about cancer patients for effective therapeutic decision-making. Before implementing this solution, our team faced several challenges, such as the client’s lack of sufficient knowledge about data migration from the AWS cloud, the lack of tools to automate processes (previously, everything was done manually), and ensuring high data security.

  • The Solution

    Our team of dedicated experts leveraged the power of AWS to create a platform that integrates multiple medical systems into a single application, enabling comprehensive patient data analysis and process automation. The solution helps track patient outcomes, personalize care, and improve patient outcomes while ensuring the highest level of data security.

  • The Outcome

    Thanks to the work of Billennium specialists, our client has gained access to an innovative solution that, using the wide range of capabilities offered by AWS, allows doctors to access comprehensive patient information. This enables personalized therapy and takes the quality of medical care to a new efficiency level.


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