Our client earned one consistent corporate domain using Google Workspace

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Our client earned one consistent corporate domain using Google Workspace

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Technology Solutions


Billennium’s project team merged and updated Google Workspace for a biotech client, adding a custom shortlink application in response to specific business needs.

  • Customer profile

    One of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major disease areas.

  • The Goal

    The main goal was to build a short-link application, as the previous provider had abandoned the solution, and the client wanted to avoid using third-party providers for security reasons. The second main task was to verify the data after the migration.

  • The Challenge

    As a result of the corporate merger, the client managed two separate corporate Google Workspace accounts. This made accessing each other’s company databases difficult and prevented smooth collaboration.  

    The biggest challenge was to migrate the data correctly while ensuring access to databases at all times. An improper migration could lead to the loss of some or all the data or make it inaccessible, requiring it to be restored. As a result, the client’s core business could be disrupted.

  • The Solution

    The project lasted approximately six months, and the migration process required in-depth analysis, and planning. The project team included an architect on the client’s side who assisted in mapping some of the processes, as well as three developers with different levels of seniority. When the migration was complete, two testers with Billennium supported the data verification process.  

    In the first stage, access to data proved challenging due to the legacy structure of Google Workspace used by the client. The new domain database was to have a top-class architecture, and to migrate the data, additional optimization scripts had to be written. 

    The scope of works 

    • Planning a Test Strategy (Iterative testing divided by Google Workspace scope)  
    • Quality Assurance Deliverables (Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Reports)  
    • Assessing and mitigating project’s risks  
    • Test Cases execution and Bug Reporting  
    • Supporting Component/Application Owners in testing iterations  
    • Preparation of Data Migration Plan  
    • Supporting OCM stream 
    • Creating and maintaining applications (in Java and Google Apps Script):

      • user roles management/creating testing accounts in different domains  
      • test management and generating Test Data  
      • Google Drive files management  
      • creating custom Google Vault rules, Vault extractions, recreating and reporting.

    At the end of the migration project, the testing phase commenced, and was completed successfully. The identified minor bugs were resolved on an ongoing basis.

  • The Outcome

    The result of our specialists’ work is a new database using the latest Google Workspace technology. The client can efficiently navigate the company’s intranet with a single corporate domain. Using the new internal application, client teams can shorten links to intranet pages and conveniently exchange them with colleagues or use them in presentations.

Used Technologies

Google Cloud Platform / AppEngine / Cloud SQL / Cloud Tasks / Java 8 / Spring Boot / MySQL / Hibernate / Maven / Spock / Flyway / Angular 2 / TypeScript / NPM

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