Our client gained an efficient and cost-effective intranet leveraging AWS cloud capabilities

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Our client gained an efficient and cost-effective intranet leveraging AWS cloud capabilities

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A team of Billennium specialists transformed the pharmaceutical company’s outdated internal network into a functional and efficient Amazon Web Services cloud-based intranet, which is now used by tens of thousands of employees.

  • Customer profile

    One of the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world, dealing with research, production and distribution of medicines as well as medical products.

  • The Goal

    The project’s goal was to create a lightweight and efficient intranet for the client, which would be easily accessible when an employee launches a browser or mobile app. It was necessary to transfer elements such as presentations, text content, favorite pages and user settings to the cloud, thus creating a manageable catalogue of materials and an information search engine.

  • The Challenge

    Our client had an outdated internal network (intranet) for internal communication. Tens of thousands of employees used the unusable and overloaded platform daily, leading to delays in operation and frustration of recipients.  

    One of the biggest challenges was to ensure fast information display and secure access authorization. System users also struggled to search for information tailored to their needs effectively and with up-to-dateness.

  • The Solution

    After analyzing our client’s internal system, our team of experts offered to transfer the intranet to the AWS cloud environment based on Amazon’s Elastic Container Service. We decided to design the entire infrastructure from scratch to adapt the new solution to the client’s needs as much as possible.  

    We have integrated data from many different sources and services, such as Google Sites or WordPress while considering the security of access authorization to the system.  

    In addition to the integration of services, we also optimized the system in terms of performance. We saw that the client was struggling with system overloads, which limited users’ access to data, so we proposed the implementation of Amazon Elastiache. This solution significantly improved intranet performance by offloading the proper application and reading data from the cache memory.

  • The Outcome

    Our team provided the client with a designed from scratch, efficient and intuitive intranet, which is a source of information about what is happening inside the organization. 

    On average, the website is visited by over 20,000 users every few minutes. The client also saves tens of thousands of dollars a year on licenses that it no longer needs, thanks to the use of an architecture that uses microservices and software development in the API-First approach.


AWS ECS / Lambda / SQS / SNS / CloudFront / S3 / ElastiCache Redis / Aurora MySQL / CloudFlare

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