Precise testing of the pricing tool application

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Precise testing of the pricing tool application

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Staff Augmentation


We have prepared end-to-end tests of a pharmaceutical client’s product pricing tool for markets worldwide and in multiple currencies.

  • Customer profile

    A pharmaceutical company with branches in over 150 countries around the world, specializing in drug production and clinical research in the areas of oncology, immunology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases and neurobiology.

  • The Goal

    The project’s goal was to prepare regression tests during the maintenance phase and tests of newly implemented functionality of an application that sets product prices for markets around the world.

  • The Challenge

    The challenge for our project team was to prepare comprehensive tests of the application in such a way as to allow efficient use of the solution while significantly reducing report regression.

  • The Solution

    Our skilled team of testers has prepared tests of an application that sets product prices for markets worldwide in multiple currencies. We also designed a tool to add modifiers in the app’s pricing (e.g., promotions for specific customers or temporary promotions).

    We wrote back-end ETL tests that checked the processing of prices along with modifiers generated by the application and their transformation between databases and views used to present finished data in Business Intelligence reports created in Tableau. At the same time, we made automated tests using Selenium WebDriver for FE Tableau reports, which are used for continuous regression using Jenkins.

  • The Outcome

    The client obtained a comprehensive testing service from us, which allowed them to get an up-to-date manual regression database to authenticate the reliability of the current solution and test it when new functionalities are added. With the automation implemented, the solution allowed the regression of reports to be significantly reduced – from 4 hours to 30 minutes as a result of automation. With the time savings, more tasks related to operations and testing new functionality can be addressed. 


Oracle Databases / Tableau

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