The client gained a powerful resource management tool based on Google

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The client gained a powerful resource management tool based on Google

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The Billennium team designed a Calendar Resource Management System (CREMS) that provides a 360° view of office space across all our client’s branches operating in the global pharmaceutical market.

  • Customer profile

    One of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of innovative solutions across major disease areas.

  • The Goal

    The project’s goal was to create a new Google calendar management application for global supervision and booking all meeting rooms and equipment in each one of the client branches. The tool’s primary purpose was to optimize space management and enable cost-effective solutions at the corporate level.

  • The Challenge

    The client operates three main branches in three different cities in Germany. Their corporate workplace was based on Google Workspace, but each branch used an independent Google Calendar to manage office space. However, each branch utilized additional external providers to expand the capabilities of office space management. One application acted as an office assistant, enabling colleagues to find each other, reserve conference rooms, book available workspaces, or report various incidents quickly and easily. The second tool for local facility management was used for maintenance documentation. 

    The challenge for our team in developing the new solution was to continue to rely on Google Calendar, while fully integrating it with external office space management applications, so that all employees in each branch could use the new solution’s capabilities seamlessly.

  • The Solution

    The new CREMS project required advanced integration with Google APIs and customization of Google-provided solutions. Hence, the experts at Billennium had the opportunity to go beyond the standard Google API integration framework based on their years of practical experience. 

    Our team designed a tool that allows building management application providers to integrate their solutions with CREMS using Google APIs to provide detailed room information in Google Calendar and organize rooms by location, building and floor. 

     Our project team’s work included: 

    • building and room management 
    • system admin role management 
    • Google resource provisioning 
    • integration with existing Facility Management tools using an API or/and CSV files 
    • monitoring of resources management and action triggering.
  • The Outcome

    The solution provided by our highly skilled specialists enabled employees from three of the client’s branches to use an effective resource management tool in Google Calendar. This brought significant time savings and increased the number of publicly available rooms. Moreover, advanced booking features enabled additional catering orders and room rearrangement services, increasing end-user satisfaction. More services are planned: technical support booking, room rearrangement or event hosting.


Google Cloud Platform / AppEngine / Cloud SQL / Cloud Search / Google Calendar API / Google Directory API / Flyway / JavaScript / Webpack / Yarn / React (Redux) / Java 8 / Spring Boot / MySQL / Hibernate / Gradle / Spock

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