Versatile sample ordering app for our biotech client

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Versatile sample ordering app for our biotech client

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Staff Augmentation


We have developed an application that supports the client’s process of ordering drug samples by Belgian doctors. It includes an advanced electronic signature, standardizes the ordering process, and enables tracking of the ordering process.

  • Customer profile

    A pharmaceutical company with branches in over 150 countries around the world, specializing in drug production and clinical research in the areas of oncology, immunology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases and neurobiology.

  • The Goal

    This project aimed to provide the client with an application that would standardize the sample ordering process, simplify the submission of electronic signatures, and enable tracking of the order process at every stage.

  • The Challenge

    The main challenge of the project for our specialists was to create an application for the client that would not only streamline the process of ordering drug samples but, more importantly, provide the ability to track the process at every stage while plotting two types of decision paths. 

  • The Solution

    The application built by our specialists runs on the Pega 7.4 platform and uses Advanced DocuSign, a tool that supports electronic signatures. The orderer can select the drug of interest and place an order. The application supports two types of decision-making processes, depending on the chosen drug:   

    • Default, one-step acceptance.  
    • Programmatic, two-step approval. During this, it is possible to refer the case to advisors and additional acceptors to gather other opinions and decisions. This facilitates a final decision on the execution of the order. 

    Among the functionalities implemented by our experts were: 

    • Defining a list of drug samples and programs based on which sample sharing takes place.   
    • Placing orders for the selected drug sample within the available limit.   
    • Depending on the indicated sample, handling the default or program decision-making process.  
    • Collecting feedback from advisors (including non-employees of the manufacturer) and acceptors.
  • The Outcome

    The application developed by our specialists has enabled the recipients of our client’s services to submit requests for drug samples without the need for manufacturer user accounts and the additional requirements associated with having such an account (including participation in training courses). The client gained access to case management, case history analysis and process data from just one platform.


Advanced DocuSign / Pega 7.4

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