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  • We ensure your team will make first steps in Azure
  • We will share our experience in production implementation
  • We will make your team independent in designing architecture in the Cloud

Key benefit: education and knowledge transfer

Production process support (DevOps)

  • We will act as an independent consultant/expert for your team’s work
  • We will verify the proposed architecture and present our recommendations
  • We will help configure DevOps processes

Key benefit: better efficiency of the production team

Pilot implementations

  • We are there when you do not have time for experimental work but see potential of the Cloud
  • We select modules/processes/areas where the currently used technology has significant limitations and we offer solutions for the use of the Cloud resources
  • All pilot-related works can be already made by Billennium experts or may be shared with your team as well

Key benefit: Seeking competitive advantage at low barriers of entry


  • An approach based on the migration of your existing solution to the Cloud.
  • This can be a 1:1 transfer, therefore you do not need to worry about your equipment and SLA of your own server room
  • This may also be a transfer-adjusted to the Cloud architecture, which will allow for even better use.

Key benefit: use of scalability and resources of the Cloud for action continuity and high efficiency of the operating software

Software development in the Cloud

  • You order new solutions operating from the beginning in an architecture optimized for the Cloud
  • We take responsibility for the production process – Cloud Software House

Key benefit: construction of fault-less solutions, on-premise solution (scalability, availability)

App service ine the Cloud (Maintenance) 

  • We ensure continuity of your app operation
  • We monitor an app, fix failures
  • We deal with incidents and problems closely cooperating with the production team

Key benefit: insurance of app operation continuity, increase the production team effectiveness

Cloud Governance

  • We implement mechanism and tools for the Cloud management with regard to the management of needs, resources, capacity, communication, billing and continuous improvement of the above-mentioned processes
  • We provide trainings on the Cloud management at the Organization

Key benefit: optimal use of the Cloud's resources, team independent in this scope

Our references

We took over the maintenance and development of the “Judgements Survey” – an application that is used to support decision-making processes. The application is based on the Azure platform, due to the requirement of wide accessibility by users around the world.

„Throughout the period of cooperation, Billennium demonstrated professionalism, enthusiasm, a proactive approach to seeking solutions, easy communication, flexibility and technological innovation. At the moment, we are in talks on expanding our cooperation.” – Anil Gaba, Orpar Chaired Professor of Risk Management and Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD.

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Our experts’ participation involved counseling and implementing part of the solution: migrating a part of the system from IaaS to PaaS and instrumenting the environment to achieve better efficiency.

„Billennium company is a true expert in cloud solutions, which is why we decided to take advantage of its experience. Our solution is innovative, so we looked for an equally innovative partner”– says Grzegorz Kalisz, Vintom Member of the Board.

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Billennium is responsible for the technical support of the Purchaser, including installation, configuration and updating of the IT system for receiving JPK files using the native functionality of the Microsoft Azure platform.
Services were completed on time and without reservations.

We provide support at every stage of cloud management in the organization.

Przemysław Wyszyński
Business Development Director

We have implemented the first cloud project in the public sector on a large scale.

Kamil Wysocki
Cloud Solutions Architect

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