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How to choose the right IT Staff Augmentation model?

If you’ve already read our article on What is Staff Augmentation, and thanks to it, you know what benefits it will give your enterprise, it’s time to think together about choosing the suitable model for such cooperation. In a few steps, we’ll tell you what to look for when deciding on a Staff Augmentation collaboration system so that you’ll be ready to choose a solution suited to your needs.

Identify and define your objectives

The first step to the success of any IT project is to identify the needs it will answer accurately and the goal it will help achieve. Based on a thorough analysis, you will be able to determine the length of the project, the number of specialists you need for it, the scope of work, and, most importantly – the technology or solution suited to the task.  

Define the scope of skills you need

Once you know what your needs are, you can proceed to estimate what skills you seek. Among the numerous technological competencies, you can choose the ones that will be most suitable for your project. You know your company and what skills you don’t have on board, but you also have an idea of the kind of people you want to work with. This is the moment to choose not only the technical competencies of your future outsourcing team but also the perfect stage to determine what soft skills you need or in what cultural and organizational environment you want to implement your IT project.

Consider your budget and geographic proximity

Estimating the budget and geographic distance to your team is critical in choosing a Staff Augmentation model and the company to provide this service for you. By making the proper analyses and assumptions and determining all the factors, you will be able to decide on a collaboration system that meets your company’s needs and, importantly, is in line with your organizational culture and the way you communicate and work on a daily basis. 

Discover 5-step guidelines on how to choose the right IT Staff Augmentation model

As you can see, choosing the right IT Staff Augmentation model requires a strategic approach that clearly identifies your goals, meticulously defines your team’s skills, and thoughtfully considers budget and geographic factors. Following these steps will ensure that your company has effective collaboration tailored to your unique needs and organizational culture. What will this translate into? To the journey to success of your IT projects. 

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