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How we helped to develop the Post in Pocket app

From pixels to paper: Revolutionizing postcards for the digital age. Summer is a time for amazing journeys we want to share with others. So, we send them postcards or MMS messages. What if you could combine these two things to send personalized postcards created on a mobile device through traditional mail?

That was the client’s idea. After two months of work based on Agile methodology with a strict budget and a flexible scope, our team of experts created an app that allows users to design and send their postcards in paper form. Straight from the phone to the addressee! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

We aimed to deliver specialists to create an app allowing users to design a postcard using their photos, available graphics, and filters and to send it directly from their smartphone to the addressee, which is made possible through collaboration with a printing shop and the mail operator.


The Billennium Mobile Solutions Center was responsible for developing:

  • templates and graphics for the app
  • code for iOS and Android
  • administration system
  • cloud server
  • integration with the payment system
  • integration with the printing shop
  • T&Cs and policies consistent with applicable laws

Technologies we used while working on this project: .NET Core 2, Xamarin, Azure Cloud, Angular 6 – cutting edge stack.

We are glad we could help create the app and the client gave us very positive feedback:

The Billennium team approached the project with openness and enthusiasm and proposed a number of interesting solutions. There wasn’t much time, but the development of the app was successful thanks to good organization and cooperation between the team and the client. Billennium’s experience helped ensured that the whole process ran very smoothly.

Aleksandra Merecz “Post in Pocket”

How the Post in Pocket app works:

1) Choose a picture from the gallery

2) Decorate the picture with graphics

3) Enter greetings

4) Choose the addressee

5) Send the postcard into the world!

You can now download and use the app, which is available on: iOS and Android.



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