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What do we want to achieve in 2021, and how do we want to do this? Sales strategy and operational activities

After a challenging but successful 2020, there has come a time for defining our targets and planning our activities for the following year. This year’s events have significantly revisited our original assumptions made over a year ago and remodelled the methods of working with Customers and cooperation within our company.

At the same time, they clearly showed what works and what doesn’t in the new reality and which fields of activities are crucial to improve. But let’s take it step by step. Let’s begin with what we want to achieve.


The main targets for 2021

Next year, the business development strategy in Billennium will encompass the following:

  • development and marketing of our proprietary products;
  • offering technologically advanced and scalable consulting services;
  • development of foreign business.



Such strategic goals arise, to a large extent, out of the fact that it is increasingly common for our Customers to expect ready-made solutions and business services. In order to address these expectations, in recent years the company has created an organisational model, known as Delivery, in the form of competence centres, which is still being streamlined.

Currently, the centres employ specialists from several specialised areas, thus making it possible to deliver and maintain a high quality of projects, as well as create products based on the IP generated. An increasing number of services are based on modern cloud-based technologies that allow our Customers to translate them into a business advantage more quickly.

To properly utilise the aforementioned values, the sales area concentrated on the following elements from the Billennium’s offer:

  • proprietary solutions: Inperly and Paperless Office – our leading products that streamline the service processes of our external Customers on a remote basis, and the electronic document circulation procedures;
  • tailor-made projects – providing Customers with unique solutions that address their specific business needs;
  • Managed Services – management of entire IT systems or their selected areas, according to the competence profile of a given company.


Despite shifting the burden of activities towards the above services, outsourcing will continue to be an essential element of the company’s business horizon. In particular, it will play an important role in the fulfilment of the third strategic target, namely the development of foreign business. In the coming year, we are planning to continue our development on the markets of South-East Asia and launch our activities in the area of German-speaking countries (DACH) and North America.

Organisational changes

The approach we have assumed for creating technological solutions is based on a high level of expert knowledge and precise understanding of the needs and the business surrounding our Customers operate in. Our internal organisation reflects this approach and allows us to make the best use of our employees’ potential. As part of the Growth Department, we established four teams that will be in charge of providing different values to our Customers.


  • The Strategic Business team, headed by Łukasz Przybyłek. The team is responsible for the development of services at the company’s strategic Customers. We develop and provide them with comprehensive services fulfilling their key value.


  • The Outsource Sales and New Business team, led by Maria Janiszewska. The team is responsible for the sale of outsourcing products and the development of new business in the segment of large and medium-sized enterprises. Here, our experts focus on delivering value through reproducible products and services which are capable of quickly satisfying the Customers’ needs.


  • The Digital Advisory team, headed by Przemysław Gołaszewski. The team is primarily involved in pre-sale activities oriented towards searching for Customer profit maximisation from the expenditures related to digital transformation, and in particular: an analysis of Customers’ needs, implementation of proof-of-concept, preparation of solution architecture and content-related parts of the offers. The team concentrates the competences of digital architects and cloud solutions architects with many years of experience supported by relevant certificates. It will be a major value for our Customers at the stage of searching for a solution to a bothering problem.


  • The Partner Channel Sales team, which I have the pleasure of coordinating myself. We will be concentrated on establishing and maintaining business relationships and business cooperation with external Billennium Partners. How are we going to pursue this goal? Amongst others, by ensuring that Billennium’s competences are compliant with partner and market requirements, as well as through relevant certificates.


Concerted efforts of the entire department and all its teams individually are to be compliant with the created strategy of Customer service, namely the Customer Journey – a strategy that places every single Customer in the middle of all our actions, throughout the life cycle of the services provided for that Customer.

I believe that the targets, tools and methodology thus defined will contribute to generating even greater understanding of our Customers’ challenges, creating solutions optimally tailored to their needs, and – as a result – to Billennium being chosen as a trusted Technological Advisor.