Pharmaceutical industry

Signature Rights Management implementation



We have designed and implemented an application on the Pega Cloud platform, that automates the process of managing the proxies of the Compliance department employees (sending, modifying, receiving) for a customer from the pharmaceutical industry.


Pega 7.4

Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical company with branches in over 150 countries around the world, specializing in drug production and clinical research in the areas of oncology, immunology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases and neurobiology.

Customer's issue


Our goal was to enable the creation and handling of applications and to improve processing through one centralized, simple and user-friendly solution.

Implemented Solution

We implemented the application on the Pega 7.4 platform, which supports the applications for granting, modifying and withdrawing proxies of employees. It integrates with the HR system and the electronic Touchpoint document repository. The application enables automated implementation of cases, sending documents attached to cases to the repository, analysis of cases through the reporting module and management of data dictionaries through portals dedicated to various groups of users.


  • Downloading employee data from the HR system.
  • Registering and processing applications for granting, modification and withdrawal of proxies through workflow.
  • Dictionaries keeping data used in workflow.
  • Transferring documents attached to applications to the electronic document repository in the customer's network.
  • Sending email communication automatically.
  • Report module enabling analysis of registered cases and verification of current assignment of proxies to employees.
  • Automatic sending of report data to a dedicated secured server of the Compliance team.


  • Reduction of cases waiting for action over a specified time.
  • Reduction of errors made during completing the applications.
  • Case management, analysis of their history and process data on one platform.
  • Simplification of the application process, verification and acceptance of applications.

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