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Cloud and SaaS – equal opportunities for small and big business

Times, when the use of technology divided companies into large and small, are long gone. Thanks to cloud solutions and the new models of using technology, small companies can painlessly undergo digitization and challenge large organizations.

The modern world presents organizations with a number of technological challenges related to cybersecurity, data storage and transfers or optimization of business processes. These challenges apply to all companies, regardless of their size. Fortunately, the latest technologies can provide a solution to both large and small organizations.


Cloud and SaaS Solutions

Various IT challenges have disappeared due to cloud solutions. In the past, implementing an IT solution on a global scale required a well-developed infrastructure and branches around the world.

The cloud, on the other hand, enables the global implementation of solutions, and thus, technologically improves every organization almost instantaneously. Moreover – it is widely available. Of course, in this context, the popularity of SaaS models (software as a service) is not without significance.

This model, combined with the cloud, gives infinite possibilities – several dozen and sometimes even hundreds of solutions can be offered by IT companies to virtually every problem of any company.


Cybersecurity for everyone

In terms of cloud solutions, cybersecurity cannot be ignored. According to researchers from the University of Maryland, hackers attack, on average, every 39 seconds, posing a threat to data security in organizations around the world.

Given the amount and type of data stored on company servers, this topic should not be underestimated. Interestingly enough – it is paradoxically safer to store data in the cloud than locally.

It is due to the scale and scope of such solutions – the sum of experience consists of good practices and advanced security that significantly exceeds what we can do on our own at the local servers’ level.

Once again, it turns out that thanks to modern solutions, the cloud makes the size of the company unimportant. In fact, due to its availability, every organization can maintain a similar level of security.


“Who did this to you?” – better to build or to develop?

There are “differences in the similarities” in the digitization of small and large organizations. Many large, experienced companies have old and relatively difficult to develop IT systems, which are “additions to additions”, often hostile and unintuitive to users.

If, however, we do not want to shut down the entire system (because it works properly), integration platforms provide the right solution – also those working in the cloud. It is a dynamically developing IT branch, in which Billennium has strong experience.

Smaller, less experienced organizations can implement IT solutions from scratch – this is a slightly different reality than in the case of organizations that implemented IT systems years ago.

Such companies can use a modern, modular approach to software development and choose exactly what they need to function, considering the financial resources and established goals.

SaaS solutions work great in their case, as they do not require complicated and long-term preparations related to the implementation of a solution. Above all, they do not require large financial outlays that many companies cannot afford.

A fixed subscription fee for using various cloud systems is a huge step towards universal digitization.


A world full of IT companies

We have come to the point where Moore’s law (the computing power doubles every two years) ceased to apply because cloud computing power is no longer important. The cloud causes huge, maybe even revolutionary changes in access to digital solutions.

It is also associated with one more element – many experts claim that all organizations are turning into technological companies. Uber, the largest carrier, has no fleet but has an application.

Similarly, the largest company in the hotel industry relies on a website, not buildings. Amazon – the biggest retailer, does not actually have physical stores. In this reality, we – as Billennium, focus on something much bigger than providing software for business.

What makes us different and what we are constantly working on, is customer experience. We deeply believe that this is what proves our value and at the same time, it is the reason of our constant development.



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