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Journey to the Cloud with Billennium – Now Authorized by Microsoft

We are steadfast on the ground, but we also do well in the clouds. This allowed us to obtain Microsoft authorization in the implementation of services called Solution Assessment. What exactly is this service and why is it worth using?

The Solution Assessment service is a professional analysis and assessment of IT environments. It is performed by Cloud Architects from Billennium, who, using modern and dedicated analytical tools, are able to provide customers with a complete perspective of their IT environment, as well as provide recommendations on migration of solutions to the cloud – including their architecture


What is the whole process of conducting a Solution Assessment?

The process follows four basic steps, consistent with Microsoft standards and methodology:

Solution Assessment is followed by a report that includes an independent, expert assessment of the IT environment and recommendations for solutions to improve the performance and security of systems.  It also outlines the next steps of cooperation. Analysis performed by Billennium specialists is based on the answers to key questions about the migration of IT environments to the cloud, such as:

  • Can my local services be moved to the cloud (technological and business aspects)?
  • Is it profitable: what are the potential costs of migration and maintaining services in the cloud?
  • How to prepare a migration plan?
  • What are the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and risks of migration?


What areas are affected by this service?

  • Data & Infrastructure Migration –  Includes an assessment of server infrastructure and database performance and security. It helps you make decisions related to upgrading local servers and ensuring high service continuity. The report provides information on the status of servers and software, and presents recommendations for a potential architecture in Azure along with a cost estimate.
  • Application Modernization – helps identify and prioritize business application modernization areas and assumes cloud migration recommendations. To deliver the optimal architecture in Azure, applications are evaluated from both a technology and business perspective.
  • Azure Cost Optimization – helps you optimize your Azure costs. It involves evaluating the Azure services in use in terms of quality and performance.
  • Workplace Modernization – focuses on selecting the optimal Microsoft 365 solution in terms of licensing, cost, and business use of the suite’s functionality. The assessment focuses on advising on modernizing business environments based on Microsoft 365.
  • Cybersecurity – The purpose of the analysis is to assess the client’s IT environment in terms of cyber security or to recommend the so-called “quick actions”, as well as long-term activities aimed at improving security in risk generating areas.
  • Teams – Business and information security assessments and recommendations for team collaboration.


The Solution Assessment service is a very broad and extremely useful analysis of IT environments. It provides the customer not only with key analytical data on the current state of the IT environment, its strengths and areas worth modernizing, but also with recommendations on how to migrate solutions to the cloud along with their architecture.


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