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design sprint

What is Design Sprint?

The Sprint is a simple and logically structured way to start a new project/product or improving existing
ones. At Billennium is a step-by-step 4-day process that helps to develop better products faster together
with our IT specialist.

design sprint

It compresses potentially months of work spent on product development into a few days by building a
prototype that will answer the most significant questions and allows you to make a decision regarding the
profitability of the project.

Why us?

Billennium Innovation Lab is specialist hub that connects IT craftsmanship, Design Thinking & business modeling
to creates an environment to discover, design & develop your ideas. We create meaningful digital products, faster

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When it's worth
using Design Sprint process?

  • Searching for a creative solution to a specific problem
  • Start of the project
  • Further development or redesign of an existing product
  • Creation and testing of new innovative business ideas
  • Search for development opportunities and their quick validation
organize sprint
development design sprint

What value do I get?

  • User-tested prototype
  • Test conclusions and documentation
  • A proposal for further development of the idea
  • A close-knit team and a clear strategy for further action
  • Data needed to make important, conscious decision
  • An example of how a cross-functional team can work effectively

How we do it?

Before the sprint

  • Pre-sprint meetings with our client (2-3h)
  • Internal research of the client's business domain
  • Establishing a team for Design Sprint
  • Establishing a calendar of activities
  • Onboarding package with materials for the Sprint
  • Onboarding online session (1.5h)

Day 1

On the first day, Sprint’s goal is clearly defined - namely, the challenge. Later, the team creates different proposals of solutions, shares inspiration, and looks for standards that are key to solving the problem.

Day 2

On the second day, the decision-maker indicates one of the solution sketched on the previous day. Work on its implementation begins. Finally, the team gathers the best ideas and chooses the final form of the solution. The outline of the prototype is fixed and the process is visible.

Day 3

On the third day, the team builds one or more prototypes that give the idea a specific framework. For this purpose, we use both digital tools (clickable mockups of pages or applications), as well as printed packaging or already existing products.

Day 4

On the last (fourth) day, we compare the prepared prototypes with customers’ opinions. During these meetings with users, we examine their reactions and impressions that the prepared materials are evoking. Sessions are recorded and conclusions are written down in the form of a report.

After the sprint

Summary meeting (1-3 days after the Sprint). At the meeting, the results of parts of the Sprint are presented along with a plan for further development. It’s a perfect time to invite key stakeholders that can influence the product.

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